Triple B Farms & Cattle LLC

From our farm to you, quality in everything we produce.

About Our Farm

Product Line

At Triple B we strive to produce a wide range of products to fit any customers needs. We currently provide 2 tie and 3x4 bales (stock dependent). In an effort to ease work for you, we bundle all of our 2 tie bales using a Bale Barron. These bundles are approximately the size of a 3x4 bale which makes for easy handling and transportation. But upon placing the bundle in its final destination, 4 strings can be cut and 21 2 tie bales are available! We currently offer Alfalfa, Bluegrass straw, and Wheat straw in these bundles.


Our Workers

Our operation could not operate without our great crew. Both in the field and in the shop, they go above and beyond to help us create these quality products. Deliveries and bailing all could not be done without them. We are very blessed to have such a hardworking and dedicated group. To our employees past, present, and future you are apart of our family and we are greatful to have you.


Apparel is a new branch of our company. Hats have been a big part of the Triple B journey. What started with 2 black Richardson hats for Caden and Brenden has grown to be a lot bigger than ever anticipated. Because of this, we decided to expand and also add t-shirts, sweatshirts, and much more ! The simple 3B logo has become more than just a brand. 3B represents hard work, dedication, and carrying on a legacy put before you. We hope anytime you put on a 3B product you feel the same way too.

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